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Robbie Knight (5a-9a Central)

Robbie's Facebook
I'm a lifetime NRA member and I donate to Greenpeace.  The way I grew up, that's not contradictory.  Dad was a game warden.  I was an avid backpacker and mountain biker for years, but I'm a SPAZ and I've got lots of injuries so now I car camp.  I take care of myself and I enjoy Chinese exercises like Qigong (Taekwondo got me hurt, Ju Jitzu hurt even more).  I hate jam bands (except for the old school ones). Allman Brothers, “yes”, String Cheese, “no”.  My Mom raised me on classical music (mostly the Germans) and she knew everything about the great composers, so I got hooked on reading rock trivia.  Rock and roll saves teen lives, it sure did that for me.

Wendy Campbell (9a-2p Central)
Wendy's Facebook
Music has never been an option for me.  I fell in love with the radio as soon as I learned how to turn it on.  The same year I got my Holly Hobby Record player I also got Joan Jett and the Blackheart’s “I love Rock and Roll”.  I went through the entire neighborhood’s records by the time I was 10.  In high school, music was my refuge.  Once I graduated I found that the radio stations were always at the shows.  Two and two makes four, to get access I needed station colors.  I’ve been in rock radio ever since.  Interviews have been my favorite part, shows a close second.  I have a wicked reaction to a double bass drum.  Don’t believe me?  Catch you at the show, you can see for yourself.
I was born and raised in the Colorado Rockies, and I spent a good amount of time in Arizona. I love family, cooking, and time with friends.    I’m old-school; I love books, comic books, and reading in general.  I don’t care much for celebrity gossip, but I want your story because that means something.  I believe in the people.  I believe in kids and animals.  I love everybody; you’re all welcome at my party.  Let your freak flag fly.  I’m also an internet addict, live by my android, and have (almost) my degree in computer programming.  I prefer the rock.  

Alan Ayo (2p-3p Central)
Ayo's Facebook
I love rock and roll radio. I used to listen to it when I was a kid, while sitting on the floor building huge Rebel Bases with Legos and Star Wars figures.  I stumbled into it in college, thinking I'd never be more than a behind-the-scenes guy taking care of the music library. That's when I was 18.  I'm still trying to figure out how in the world I got here, but what a ride I've had so far.  My misadventures in radio have had me broadcasting from Georgia, Texas, California and special one-off occasions from The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
I'm just a guy. I love collecting and playing rock music. I'm obsessed with the story of Bonnie and Clyde, and will talk your ear off about it.  I love animals, and working with rescues. I love being underwater in the ocean. I love cooking. I love being a Dad. I love sleep! Mostly, I love sleep.

Marconi (7p-2a Central)
Marconi's Facebook
He died doing what he loved. Eating pancakes... I'd probably leave the house more often if I could shoot fireballs at everybody and collect a bunch of coins... Every time my phone dies, I die a little inside… If only I could make a career out of sweaty feet… Somewhere, somebody just discovered there isn't room to stick any more needles into their voodoo doll of me… Life is a drinking game and I'm kickin' some serious ass… I never got any gold stars as a kid. That's why I'm here…Prove to me that the ocean isn't made of fish tears. You can't… I take the extra out of extraordinary… Too bored to stay home, too lazy to go out… Just discovered this old timey internet called a "library"… My only goal in life is to die at some point… Take my advice, don't take my advice… Why are you reading my bio? I mean this is the second time today! It still says the same thing it did when you first read it!


On that note, our weekends are completely NUTS! You never know WHAT might happen, and thus, we don't have a set weekend schedule for jocks. In fact, we usually just set whoever hasn't partied too hard the night before in front of a mic. It's worked so far ...