Located at: 1115 Tamarack RD.
                  Owensboro, KY 42301

Owensboro Business Line: (270) 683-5200

General Manager: Brack Stacy
Business Manager: Mel Ford

Web Manager/Promotions Director:  Kelsey Turner

Sales Manager: Brian Tornatta

Cromwell Radio Group Sales Team: 
Our team of sales professionals can help put together an advertising campaign designed for your company's specific sales and marketing needs. See how a targeted campaign to drive new potential customers to your business is just a click away!
As an advertiser, you can get your message to potential customers more
quickly and creatively than ever:
The Industry's Most Competitive Rates
Special Promotions, Community Activities, Remotes and Contests
Web Service Availability Complete with Hyperlinks to Your Web Page, Business Directories, Online Coupons and More!